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Don't Let Anyone Suppress Your Vote!

I am sure that the same tactics used in 2016 and 2020 will again be implemented for the 2024 elections.  Getting folks to switch parties or stay home on election day is the goal, and convincing people that the political party they have supported forever is actually not helping them at all. 

Voters should never, ever trust anyone who tells them they should not vote.  That person could be getting paid to suppress as many votes as possible.  People will do anything for money, even turn against their own political party and their own people.  Voters need to stop being lazy and start researching all candidates thoroughly so they can truly understand who these people are and what they stand for.  You simply cannot listen to what anyone else thinks about a candidate, do the research yourself.  And please remember, you don't ever have to tell anyone who you are voting for, that's your business!

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It Is Never Too Early to Teach the Importance of Voting

When people tell me they do not vote or their vote does not count, I wonder if they actually know the importance of voting. I wonder if they know how much control elected officials have over our everyday lives.  I wonder if they know how lazy and ignorant they are when it comes to what is going on around them. 

I wish those non-voters would take a look at this list of elected officials, lookup the duties for each official, then ask themselves if they still think it is okay to skip voting.

U.S. President

U.S. Senator

U.S. Representative

State Governor

State Lt. Governor

State Attorney General

State Land Commissioner

State Agricultural Commissioner

State Railroad Commissioner

State Supreme Court Chief Justice

State Supreme Court Justice

State Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals

State Court of Criminal Appeals

State Senator

State Representative

County Judge

County Commissioner

County Attorney

County Clerk

County District Attorney

County District Court

County Sheriff

County Treasurer

County Constable

County Civil Courts

County Criminal Courts at Law

County Court of Appeal

County District Civil Courts

Country District Family Courts

County District Juvenile Courts

County Justice of the Peace Courts

County Probate Courts

City Mayor

City Controller

City Council

City Council at Large