Roz is a retired IT professional with a multitude of interests, including uplifting her fellowman in whatever way that she can.  Although a lot of her material is "opinion", it is always meant to be informative and helpful.  Roz does not believe in personal attacks when disagreeing and presents a respectful platform for discussion.  She is also not interested in sensationalism and controversy in order to get attention. The one thing she wants her audience to know is that she loves all people.  After having worked many years in corporate America and meeting people from all over the world, she has come to the conclusion that all people are basically the same and want the same things in life.

Roz resides in Houston, Texas, with her husband.  She is the mother of one son, grandmother of two (one granddaughter, one grandson), and great grandmother of four (three great granddaughters, one great grandson).  She enjoys reading, writing, gardening, photography, crafting and singing.