Things I Learned Or Was Reminded Of In 2021

1.  Everyone who calls you friend is not a friend.

2.  So many people think they are superior to others around them, looking down their noses and judging people by social and financial status.

3.  Some people will believe anything.

4.  No one really gives a damn about what you think or say.  They don’t read your posts or watch your videos.  They just click LIKE and keep it moving, or they just keep it moving.

5.  If you listen, people will reveal the things they have hidden from you.

6.  I, who love all people, am thought by many to be less than human, worthless and not worthy of life.

7.  You never know what a person is thinking.

8.  Even friends can secretly want to be with your man or your woman.

9.  There are still a lot of good people in the world.  By good, I mean people who wish to do no harm to others, who live and let live.

10.  It takes money to make money.

--Rosalin Grace

February 20, 2022