Your Vote Is Your Power

Funny how some people need to be inspired to go to the polls and vote. You would think that having a say-so in who and how this country is run would be enough inspiration. I have never needed a politician to pump me up in order for me to go cast a vote. No matter how boring, uninspiring or unlikeable any or all of the candidates are, one of those flawed persons will indeed become the elected official.


I always like to do some research on all of the candidates, which is something I recommend that everyone does.  A little research can help me choose the best candidate, even if they are all less than ideal. Being just a little worse than the other guy can mean a big difference in a lot of American lives if that worst candidate is elected.  Therefore, you choosing to not vote does not mean that neither candidate will win.


Voting is the most power that we can have when it comes to controlling our country, state, city and neighborhood life. When I hear non-voters whining about the system, the only advice I have for them is to shut their mouths. If you don’t vote, don’t complain.  It is our duty as citizens to understand the importance of voting and to know something about the people who are seeking to be elected.


What some of us may not realize is that the Voting Rights Act is a law that can be changed or even done away with altogether. With the right people in place and the right conditions existing, some of us could lose our right to vote entirely, including all women.


The worst thing you can do when it comes to elections is to tell yourself that your vote doesn’t count, which is the weakest of excuses for not casting a ballot. Think about it, not voting is a vote for the opponent. I suppose it will not matter to the non-voters if we no longer have the right to vote, or we are prohibited from patronizing certain places of business, or can only live in certain areas of town, or must be quiet and let only men talk. Now, wouldn’t that be a giant step backwards?


Voting can help prevent corrupt people from ever becoming elected officials. Your vote is your best weapon against injustice. Why do you think some work so hard to suppress the vote of certain populations? The vote is power. But just as some are diligent in tearing down voting and other rights, we must be diligent in making sure our basic rights are preserved in this country.


Instead of waiting to be inspired by a political candidate, why not do a little digging to get to know the candidates?  Are the candidates honorable and trustworthy? What have they done in the past to help the people? What do they plan do to in the future? Those are the kinds of questions you should be seeking answers to, not how cute and entertaining a person is. You might also want to ask yourself  a thing or two. Are you a citizen or not? Do you love this country or not? Do you love the state, city and community that you live in or not? If you can say yes to those  questions, why in the world would you ever need to be inspired to have a say-so in what goes on in your country? How about just being a concerned citizen who always votes in national, state and local elections? Not voting is never on my agenda, ever. Even if the politicians are sleeping, we as citizens should always have our eyes wide open.


With a big election coming up in November 2020, we all need to learn as much as possible about all of the candidates. Do not rely on hearsay, but instead do your own research on each person.  All candidates have websites that you can visit, and most likely you can find all kinds of information about a politician by just doing a Google search. Be serious about your vote.


Again, putting the right politicians in office can help to eliminate situations such as voter suppression, police brutality, civil rights erosion, education and economic inequality, denial of women’s rights, and such. We should also develop the mindset of casting our vote regardless of what obstacles are placed before us.  Plan ahead of time. Know the rules and make sure you have the necessary identification regardless of what it is. Confirm the location of your voting poll in advance, and check it again on voting day morning because sometimes they can move at the last minute. Just be determined to not be stripped of your right to vote.  Whether you are inspired or not, vote!

There was a time when only White male landowners could vote. Think about that.


--Rosalin Grace

September 9, 2019